Why Cleanse? Because we need to practices you can do to help support your digestive health and remove the deadly toxins that reside in your body! In America we are faced with toxic chemicals everyday all day long in many different ways. Sac À Dos Fjallraven Kanken Canotta Portland Trail Blazers sac a dos kanken fjallraven These nasty compounds seek to challenge our body’s ability to stay healthy and perform at an optimal level. Fjallraven Kanken NO.2 UK adidas superstar damskie Over 3,500 toxins are introduced into the American culture every year, that adds up! “Fatigue, headaches, muscle and joint pain, skin irritation, poor complexion, sluggish immune function and weight gain are only but a few of the possible signs of a body being beleaguered by toxins. Nike Air More Uptempo nike air max 2016 dames Goedkoop Adidas Stan Smith Although the body has ways of dealing with impurities, its cleansing systems can become stressed and less effective without proper support. air max 2017 verde donna

College Apparel asics mexico damskie As a result, toxins build up and affect your health. hogan outlet

  • Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Classic Regular cleansing (at least twice yearly) can restore internal purity thus helping you feel healthy, refreshed, and re-energized.” Toxins that signal a red alert to our immunity are:

    • Heavy metals – aluminum (research is pointing to this main contributor to Alzheimer’s), arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, are all forms of industrial waste. asics femme nike air max heren Others are cigarette smoke (see below), contaminated fish, cosmetics, dental fillings, metal cookware and some antacids.
    • Liver toxins – including alcohol, drugs (both pharmaceutical and over the counter), food additives (legions of them), herbicides, pesticides, and solvents.
    • Microbial toxins – produced by bacteria and yeast in the digestive tract; if you have ever taken antibiotics you almost certainly have Candida overgrowth, which clogs up the digestive system as a whole (even more reason to cleanse). New Balance 993 damskie
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    • Metabolic toxins – compounds such as ammonia, resulting from the body’s breakdown of protein, especially if you traffic in the high protein diet?

    • Environmental toxins – sitting in traffic you consume a dose of gas fumes, refinery fumes, the average dust in a person’s home consists of 23 different not-so-nice compounds (the research is astounding!), and on and on….!

    Some stats to ponder:

    • In the space of two generations, we have invented 10 million new chemicals and unwittingly released thousands of them into the environment.
    • 102 billion pounds of chemicals over the past 18 years have been disposed in some form or fashion in America…….disposed where?
    • U.S. Nike Yeezy 2
      fjallraven kanken sale fjallraven kanken soldes industries manufacture over 6 trillion pounds of 9,000 different chemicals a year. Nike Air Max 2017 blanche Homme adidas uk store Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack They dump billions of pounds of industrial chemicals into our air and water year after year.
    • The newest highest cancer killer for both men and women has now become colon cancer.
    • Elvis Presley had 60 pound of fecal matter in his colon upon his autopsy, yikes!!

    Another important reason to cleanse is to ensure the nutrition you consume gets absorbed and transported properly.