Vitamin C is an element necessary for a strong immunity in the form of an antioxidant. Not only does a high vitamin C intake markedly reduce the severity of a cold, it also effectively prevents secondary viral or bacterial complications. Vitamin C works by strengthening the immune system and protecting against free radical damage released by the body in its fight against the infection. Researchers from the National Institute on Aging report that “Elderly people who take vitamin C and E supplements have a 50 percent lower risk of dying prematurely from disease than do people who do not supplement.” A Californian study concluded that, “people who consume more than 750 mg/day of vitamin C reduce their risk of dying prematurely by 60 percent.”

Several great benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Helps immune cells mature
  • Improves performance of antibodies
  • Serves as a antibacterial and antiviral agent
  • It is a natural antihistamine
  • Calms inflammation
  • Produces interferon that boosts immunity
  • Controls stress hormone cortisol, a potent immunosuppressant
  • Essential for healthy teeth, gums & bones
  • Helps heal wounds, scar tissue, & fractures
  • Builds resistance to infection
  • Is necessary for energy production
  • Aids in the prevention & treatment of the common cold
  • Gives strength to blood vessels
  • Aids in the absorption of iron
  • It is required for the synthesis of collagen, the intercellular “cement” which holds tissues together.
  • It prevents the conversion of nitrates (from tobacco smoke, smog, bacon, lunch meats, & some vegetables) into cancer-causing substances.

According to Dr. Lines Pauling, the foremost authority on Vitamin C (who took 16 grams per day upon his death), Vitamin C will decrease the risk of getting certain cancers by 75%. Dr. Pauling and his partner Dr. Cameron pioneered the use of large doses of vitamin C (>10 g/day) in the treatment of cancer patients. From their experiments at the Vale of Leven Hospital in Scotland they concluded that terminal cancer patients who received large, daily doses of vitamin C along with their regular treatment “lived much longer than patients who did not receive vitamin C; they also had less pain and in general, a much improved quality of life.”

Dr. Hoffer of Victoria, Canada later expanded on the Pauling/Cameron treatment protocol by adding large amounts of vitamin E, niacin, other B vitamins, beta-carotene, and some minerals. Those of Dr. Hoffer’s cancer patients who followed this regimen lived, on the average, about 16 times longer than those who did not. “Supplementing with vitamin C has been found to significantly lower the risk of cataracts and glaucoma and some very recent work has shown that open angle glaucoma can be reversed by supplementing with large doses of vitamin C.”

My strong coaching advice is to make sure that vitamin C rich foods always find their way into your grocery cart. Citrus fruits are the best and my favorites are assorted berries.


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