Sample Videos from a Variety of Playlists

For years I would not give in to social media and technology like videos. However, I am very pleased that I did. I have written BLOGS for years. 100’s of written articles, but no more. VLOG, or video blog, has taken over.

Very few people read my BLOGS, yet many more people are watching my VLOGS. Thus the creation of Coach Jeff’s Wellness Network. Talking about what I have been writing about for years. I am excited to see where it goes. Videos will only get better as I learn the industry and upgrade with better equipment.

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God Bless and Thank you for watching!!

Coach Jeff’s Wellness Network is a comprehensive viewing of his very popular Video Learning Series (VLS).

This video learning series was created to provide a convenient and quick avenue for powerful ideas and tips for being more proactive in our weekly lifestyle to hopefully produce a better quality-of-life.

Just suppose by adopting and embedding 8 or more of these solid tips a year we could increase our quality-of-life by 10, 20, 30 or even 50 or 60%…….how cool would that be?

Each video has 2 purposes:

    1. Educate with a powerful wellness tip that can be applied that same day (simple, easily accessed and affordable).

    1. Entertain as coach Jeff has been labeled silly and LOVES to make people smile

So my objective with the wellness network is to provide a VIDEO with a rock solid wellness tip and make you smile in approximately 2 minutes.

I have several playlists that highlight different categories of personal health and wellness, I hope you enjoy the network.