I would like to tell you a story about Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe was a magnificent man, he ran his own business with about 12 employees. He was a family man, devoted to his church and loved by everyone….even his own employees. Uncle Joe was the life of the party, everyone loved to be around him.

His wife of 22 years was a stay at home mom with 6 kids ranging from 6 to 16. All great kids with multiple activities. They were the family that people loved to be around, always something going on at Uncle Joe’s house.

Unlce Joe was 300+ and sat for long extended periods of time at his desk, he refused to exercise and ate whatever was placed in front of him. I would periodically try my persuasion skills to get Uncle Joe up and moving and consuming something besides cheese burgers and soda pop.

Uncle Joe would always give me hard time, Jeff I don’t have time to exercise…”I have 6 kids a great wife, 12 employees and a stack of papers on my desk,” then he would wink at me and tell some joke.

Well one day while driving to work Uncle Joe had a massive heart attack and not only did Uncle Joe die but he hit a car with 3 people inside killing 2 of them. Yes, devastation, heart break, misery and tears to fill a river. There were 100’s of people at his funeral. Aunt Kerri got a $1,000,000 life insurance policy, BUT let me tell you that family is miserable, and 12 employees lost their jobs overnight.

There is not enough money in the world to replace Uncle Joe and his incredible personality that everyone loved. His kids have either quit or slacked off their activities and Aunt Kerri has not recovered since the accident 3 years ago.

Now, I will say there is NO guarantee that living a healthy lifestyle will prevent these horrible tragedies, however the stats play massively in our favor.

If you are even close to leading a lifestyle like Uncle Joe then please consider making some minor or serious lifestyle adjustments for not only you, but your family and especially the children.


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Do you have a story like Uncle Joe you need to get off your chest?