SLOW DOWN! We are literally setting speed eating records in the year 2016. NIKE LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT

asics gel lyte 5 donna We eat in the car, in front of the TV and most of all we can eat a full meal in literally 4 bites, it tends to be a non-stop motion. USC Trojans This plays havoc on our digestive system. Indiana Pacers asics running By woofing down our food at such a fast pace we skip a vital part of the digestive process known as the pre-digestive phase. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw Soldes Nike Pas Cher When we chew our food correctly our teeth produce pre-digestive enzymes that begin the digestion process. air jordan 5 oreo damskie

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  • Thus, we are skipping the first stage of the digestion process, this is not a good thing. Lets take a look at some tips to help us slow down, and I promise our gut (and pancreas) will thank us.

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  • new balance 373 homme bordeaux Pick one or two or more of these suggestions to begin working on today:

    1. Put your fork down after each bite. Dont’a Hightower Jersey Canotte Basket If it’s a hand held item, same thing, put it down each and every bite
    2. Try the 20-30 chew rule, this will provoke a giggle because it is sooooo hard….but again your gut will thank you!
    3. Dine, don’t just inhale your food. nike air max pas cher
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    5. For example, you can savor each delicious bite of tuna salad on a fresh bed of leafy greens, or you can wolf your tuna fish right out of the can. Scarpe Air Jordan Bo Jackson Auburn Jerseys Why not make mealtime a pleasurable event? Another way to look at it is to swallow what is in your mouth before preparing the next bite.

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    7. Air Jordan Future Many people are busy loading up their utensils while their mouth and teeth are still chomping away.

    8. Time your meals with a watch or kitchen timer until you get used to the slower pace, you can take brief breaks for a few minutes once or twice during the meal, simple conversation, sip a beverage, or fold your hands in your lap are all tips that can be used.
    9. Play slow background music. new balance u420 femme gris rose new balance homme ml574 bleu Studies have shown that people eat more slowly when they listen to slow, soft music.
    10. Use chopsticks for all cuisines.
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    12. They automatically slow down your rate of eating and the amount of food you’re going to eat. new balance 574 femme rouge Maglie Orlando Magic adidas chaussure femme If you’re a pro with chopsticks, however, use them in the opposite hand! As an added bonus, chopsticks allow the fatty sauces to fall through the cracks and stay on the plate where they belong.

    By slowing down, you give those natural signals of fullness a chance to register so you can stop dining before you’ve polished off way more food than your body needs. AIR MAX 2016

    Eating slower also allows you to savor the tastes, smells, and textures of your foods, which contribute to your sense of satisfaction.