The average American is now sitting for an average of 9 hours a day, nike pas cher TCU Horned Frogs Jerseys adidas chaussures femme Mens Nike Flyknit yikes! The Mayo clinic (Dr. ugg shoe sale outlet Chicago Bulls Levine) and Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, new balance 420

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  • have both been doing longitudinal studies for 15+ years regarding the dangers of sitting for excessive hours during the day. cheap adidas asics trail damskie goedkope nike air max What I found interesting is the stats from the Netherlands study were different from the Americans stats, adidas tubular hombre Matt Holliday Authentic Jersey Nike Air Max 2016 męskie any idea why? YEP, nike air max 2016 goedkoop they get more activity than we do. Nike Noir UCF Knights new balance 999 for sale However, Buty Asics Damskie asics meskie do biegania Denard Robinson – Michigan Wolverines there conclusion was the same–sitting for to long is dangerous to our health. new balance white Georgia Bulldogs Here are 6 bullets both studies concluded from their on-going study:

    1. Sedentary lifestyles are comparable to obesity in its risk associated with developing heart disease.
    2. The risk of colon, nike air max 2017 nero donna
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    4. breast and endometrial cancer increases with every extra 2 hours of sitting (Journal of the National Cancer Institute).

    5. The chance of becoming obese increases with over 6 hours of sitting (Mayo).
    6. An article published in Diabetologia found that those who sat the most were twice as likely to develop diabetes.
    7. Muscular degeneration happens the more sedentary we are due to the less muscles are being used atrophy sets in.
    8. The Journal of Physiology found that sitting increases the amount of LDL found in the legs of mice who received NO exercise during the day. Fjallraven Kanken No.2
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    10. LDL is bad cholesterol.

    TIP: Get up, asics chaussures Illinois Fighting Illini move more and exercise when you can. chaussures running asics Nike Free 2.0 Mujer Nike Free 4.0 new balance 373 damskie bordowe If you are fortunate to have a standing desk at work,