If you don’t like a great steak then you’re probably not from Oklahoma and most likely anti-American. Of course I am only kidding cause everyone in my family loves a great steak. When we celebrate, for any reason, we cook steaks on the grill. Just thinking about it is making me hungry for a T-bone! So, if you are a steak lover like just about everyone I know but are still conscious, or curious, about the amount of calories that is found in your favorite steak this article is a breakdown of the different cuts for you.

Based on an 8 ounce serving:


Round, Eye, (lean)                                                     Top Sirloin
386 calories                                                                 555 calories
11 g fat                                                                           32 g fat
3.6 g sat. fat                                                                 12.8 g sat. fat
68 g protein                                                                 62 g protein

Top Round, (lean)                                                     Rib Eye
468 calories                                                                 564 calories
13 g fat                                                                          33 g fat
4.3 g sat. fat                                                                 13 g sat. fat
82 g protein                                                                 62 g protein

Top Sirloin, (lean)                                                      Top Loin (NY strip)
407 calories                                                                 603 calories
13 g fat                                                                          38 g fat
5 g sat. fat                                                                    15 g sat. fat
67 g protein                                                                 60 g protein

Flank steak                                                                  T-Bone
430 calories                                                                 699 calories
18 g fat                                                                          52 g fat
7.7 g sat. fat                                                                  20 g sat. fat
63 g protein                                                                 54 g protein

Round, Eye                                                                  Tenderloin
475 calories                                                                  759 calories
22 g fat                                                                          58 g fat
8 g sat. fat                                                                     23 g sat. fat
64 g protein                                                                  54 g protein

Top Round                                                                   Ribs
566 calories                                                                  770 calories
26 g fat                                                                          61 g fat
9.8 g sat. fat                                                                  25 g sat. fat
77 g protein                                                                   51 g protein

Tenderloin, (lean)                                                       Prime Rib
507 calories                                                                  935 calories
26 g fat                                                                          79 g fat
9.8 g sat. fat                                                                 23 g sat. fat
63 g protein                                                                  51 g protein

SO, if you are counting calories when ordering a steak then the LEAN cuts are for you. However, if you are like anyone in my family calories go out the window when ordering or grilling steaks! Its cheat time so let the steaks grill!!


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