Do you want to be recognized as a high performer?

What is the Ultimate High Performer? What do high performers do differently that sets them apart from the crowd? what habits are high performers world class at? How do they treat their health & wellness? Get answers to these questions and many more in my performance coaching business.

  • Coach Jeff has worked with 100’s of clients in the personal development industry for over 20 years. High performance coaching is a reflection of his 25 years coaching experience in helping others achieve their goals.

  • Participants can experience:

    • 3 foundational habits / 30 signature strengths

    • 7 steps to optimal health through our Functional Medicine guide.

    • Powerful questions for self-discovery

    • Progressive Goal Mastery worksheets

    • 5 year planning worksheet

A one-on-one coaching relationship is an ongoing process that combines personal leadership and personal health and wellness together for one powerful coaching experience.

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Coach Jeff is an accomplished public speaker that has logged 100+ hours of public speaking on both personal leadership and health & wellness in a variety of venues, namely:

  • Businesses like Bama Companies, CCK Strategies, Tulsa Wealth Advisors, Nelson Auto Group, New York Life and more
  • Churches specifically The Bridge
  • Business luncheons
  • National Speakers Association Oklahoma chapter
  • And everyday to a multitude of clients all over the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma

Passion, Information and Entertainment is to be expected in Coach Jeff’s speaking engagements!!!

To book a speaking engagement or get more details from coach Jeff please email him at