What is the Emotional Bank Account? When it comes to improving and maintaining our relationships with others, Stephen Covey’s metaphor of the Emotional Bank Account is probably one of the most powerful metaphors ever created for the development of interpersonal relationships. If you’ve never heard of this, it basically means that anyone with whom we have a relationship with, whether it be our coworkers, family or friends, we maintain an “emotional” bank account with them. This account begins on a neutral balance. And just as with any bank account, we can make deposits and withdrawals. However, instead of dealing with units of monetary value, we deal with emotional units. 12th Man – Texas A&M Aggies The emotional units that Covey speaks of are centered around trust. When we make emotional deposits into someone’s bank account, their fondness, trust, and confidence in us grows.

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  • And as a result our relationship develops and grows. If we can keep a positive reserve in our relationships, by making regular deposits, there will be greater tolerance for our mistakes and we’ll enjoy open communication with that person. cheap fjallraven kanken On the contrary, when we make withdrawals and our balance becomes low or even overdrawn, bitterness, mistrust and discord develops. If we are to salvage the relationship, we must make a conscious effort to make regular deposits.

    ASSIGNMENT: choose 1 or 2 close relationships and apply any of the below areas of making deposits and actively work on ‘making deposits’ into that person or person’s emotional bank account.

    Here are six major ways of making deposits, according to Covey, into Emotional Bank Accounts and how we can avoid making withdrawals. Obviously, every relationship is different, so you have to find what works for that individual encounter. I know deposits for my daughter is much different than my son. Adidas Superstar Uomo

    1. Understanding the Individual In Covey’s book, The 7 habits of highly effective people, one of the 7 habits is “seek first to understand then to be understood”. Truly understanding what others are feeling is not always that easy. nike chaussures We must remove ourselves from our egocentric viewpoint and put ourselves into the minds and shoes of others. One major fault of a lot of people is when communicating with others they tend to be thinking about what they are going to say next. Truly understanding someone requires us to wholly and completely concentrate on what the other person is trying to say, not reloading and waiting to fire off your response. Adidas Yeezy 350 Donna

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    Maglia Shaquille O’Neal Keeping Commitments Certainly when we break our promises to others, we make major withdrawals from their Emotional Bank Accounts. Maglie Toronto Raptors However, keeping commitments is not just relegated to promises. It also includes things such as arriving to work and appointments on time, fulfilling our duties, and living up to every word that comes out of our mouth. adidas stan smith dziecięce BUT the best is DWYSYGTD…or, “do what you say you’re going to do.” This, in my opinion is the most important tool to developing solid trusting relationships with others. 3. Denard Robinson – Michigan Wolverines Clarifying Expectations There is nothing more frustrating in a relationship than not understanding what is expected of you. Although many of us wish we could be, we are not mind readers. And because each of us sees life differently and has different backgrounds and life experiences, expecting someone to just “know” is not only unfair but completely unrealistic. It’s important that the person with whom you are dealing with, knows exactly what is expected of them. nike pas cher Doing this will keep them out of the dark and allow them to relate you confidently, knowing that what they are doing is in line with your expectations. Air Jordan 10 4. Attending to the Little Things Little courtesies, kind words and warm smiles are at the heart of the little things that brighten up a relationship. It shows recognition and an awareness of others. It’s interesting, but within our relationships, if you want success, it’s the little things that really become the big things. Footwear Gears 5. adidas chaussures homme Showing Personal Integrity Nothing is probably more damaging to a relationship, then a lack of integrity. Running Asics Sneakers Being that the Emotional Bank Account is based upon trust, you could essentially be doing all of the previous things, but without trust, we are doomed. Integrity means wholeness, completeness, or soundness. In this case soundness of moral character. Asics Whizłer damskie Integrity is the rock-solid foundation upon which all successful relationships are built, like the abundance mentality. 6. Cameron Newton – Auburn Tigers Maglia Clyde Drexler Apologizing Sincerely When We Make a Withdrawal Granted, we are all mortal. Asics Kinsei 5 męskie We make mistakes. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Outlet That’s part of life and learning. Knowing when you are wrong and admitting your mistakes prevents the wounds that you’ve caused in others from festering and allows them to heal. Kopen Nike Air Max 2017 Air Jordan 6 Donna gel lyte 3 When appropriate, sincere apology will keep your relationships accounts in the positive, allowing you to maintain the balance that has been created in your application of all of the previous steps. nike air max 2015 donna adidas zx 850 donna The key is to make so many deposits that when you slip and make a withdrawal (and we will) that the withdrawal is not so hurtful or detrimental to the relationship Just like your fiscal account at the bank, you make deposits so that you can make withdrawals with such things as bills, vacations, groceries and so on.