What is the greatest asset of your organization? Is the day-to-day health of your employee population important?

Does worksite wellness really work? YES…with two words…..Accountability Coaching!

Coach Jeff differentiates his business with on-site relationship building so that employees can and will allow themselves to be held accountable. Developing a trusting and confidential relationship with a competent coach is just what many employees need to break through their personal wellness goals.

We come on-site to develop solid relationships to create personalized plans that meet the needs and desires of those who sincerely wish to make a difference in their personal lives. Therefore, the employee wins by feeling better and living a better quality-of-life AND the organization wins as employees get healthier they become more productive.

Coach Jeff has been a certified corporate wellness specialist working with companies and their employees for 15+ years. He has created corporate cultures of wellness for small, medium and large companies such as:

  • Bama Companies
  • Nelson Autogroup
  • American Bank & Trust
  • John Christner Trucking
  • CCK Stategies
  • Tulsa Wealth Advisors
  • Urological Specialist of Oklahoma
  • TMG
  • KRS Oil & Gas
  • New York Life
  • Meagor Oil & Gas
  • Covington LLC.

How do we measure wellness in first couple years?

Participation! by offering every employee and their spouse an opportunity to participate in their own personalized 30 Day Challenge —  A Holistic Wellness Plan in an effort to secure as many people participating as possible.

What programs does coach Jeff offer?

  • 10 & 30 Day Challenges — A Holistic Wellness Plan (signature program)
  • Walking the Globe – a step challenge to get people moving
  • Team Partnering Weight Loss Challenges
  • New Years 30 Day Challenge — flipping the reset switch to personal health
  • Wellness for Wounded Veterans (a favorite with all employees)
  • Smoking Cessation

What are the 7 C’s of corporate wellness implementation?

Click Here for Health & Productivity Process

Please contact coach Jeff for a personal consultation about a worksite wellness program for your company today