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Anxiety, Junk Food, Exercise, Procrastination, Depression, Being Proactive & more can all be helped with Itty-Bitty Habits Program!

Honestly, when it comes to human behavior change the old traditional models rarely work. WHY? because they focus on motivation, will power, self-discipline, big goals, and after 30 years of experience I can attest that these strategies are short-term and unreliable. 

My Itty-Bitty Habits program relies on strategies like; habit stacking, reward pathways, habit mapping, 1 minute I will’s, and much more.

My motto — KIS — Keep It Simple!


Ready for some Real Change?

- Coach Jeff

What are clients are saying!

2015 & 2017 bEst of Tulsa Award winner

30 Years coaching experience

“I absolutely love the simplicity of the program, I feel like I can do it, and for more than a week or a month.”   – Donna, Tulsa

“Coach Jeff’s program works, I have tried for years to stick with my plan but with his simple program and accountability I am now successful”  – Mark, Broken Arrow

“Itty-Bitty habits are my new found change tool, I am telling everyone if they want to get better then try this easy and doable program!”  – Cheryl, Bixby

“It was time to take charge of my health, I started with a crawl and now I am running thanks Coach Jeff!”  – Darryl, Tulsa

“Coach Jeff’s habits inventory exercise was an eye opener to how easy it can be, I truly appreciate all the help in making change permanent.”  – Sophia, Skiatook

10 Day Challenge Nutritional Program

Fitness Routines available upon request

The 10 Day Challenge is Coach Jeff’s proprietary nutritional program. It is an inflammation elimination plan, and once we reset the metabolism then we can modify to a person’s lifestyle. The challenge is precise, simply laid out and has worked for 100’s of people over the years.


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