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How is your walk in the spirit going lately?

We exercise our investment options in 401k’s, the stock market, real estate or even Starbucks every morning, BUT how have you exercised your walk regarding the the fruit of the spirit and the spiritual disciplines lately?

John 16:13, “the ultimate counselor is the holy spirit, who guides us into Gods truth.” Therefore, I am merely the agent that facilitates the best selling text book of all time…the Bible.

My clients experience a counseling | coaching combo that investigates the fruit of the spirit through spiritual disciplines and how they can bring us closer to God and live more Christlike in our daily walk in the spirit that affects our relationships with everyone!

Exercising for Jesus is a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, gospel led journey is to heal, mend and restore people and relationships by caring for and strengthening their relationship with Christ.

How is your Health & Wellness? Personal wellness is included as part of the program. As it says in 1 Timothy 4:8, “exercise is good for the body”

Plans take time to develop. They keep us focused on the important  changes we are pursuing. And best of all are the results that blossom from consistency and purpose through God’s guidance.

I specialize in Worksite Counseling & Coaching opportunities!

How is your Health & Wellness?

- Coach Jeff

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What are clients are saying:

2015 & 2017 bEst of Tulsa Award winner

28 Years Counseling/ coaching experience

“I absolutely love the accountability of his counseling/coaching, I feel like a VIP and can do it, and for more than a week or a month, and my Master Plan keeps me focused”   – Donna, Tulsa

“We tried counseling before but never got very good results, but we are now living a better lifestyle together and communication is so much better, thanks to God’s word and Coach Jeff” – Karl & Cindy, Tulsa

“Coach Jeff’s enthusiasm and knowledge is inspirational, I have tried for years to stick with my plan but with his simple program I am now successful”  – Mark, Broken Arrow

“IBH’s are my new found change tool, I am telling everyone if they want to get better then try this easy and doable program!”  – Stacy, Bixby

“I am so fortunate that my company offers onsite counseling for free. It was time to take charge of my health so I started with a crawl and now I am running thanks Coach Jeff!”  – Joe, Tulsa

“Coach Jeff’s counseling revitalized our marriage, it is an ongoing process but we are much better off today than before”  – Sophia & Scott, Skiatook


Mental | Physical & Spiritual Focus

Health & Wellness Company &
personal coaching

available upon request!

The 10 Day Challenge is Coach Jeff’s proprietary nutritional program. It is an inflammation elimination plan, and once we reset the metabolism then we can modify to a person’s lifestyle. The challenge is precise, simply laid out and has worked for 100’s of people over the years.


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