Toxic food ingredients, Personal Care Products (PCP’s), household cleaning supplies, etc.

Aspartame…..dump it!

Aspartame, more commonly known as NutraSweet or Equal, is one of the most toxic substances being consumed today. Goedkoop New Balance The artificial sweetener, currently used in over 4,000 products worldwide, entertains a sordid past and has been one of the most tested and debated food additives in the history of the FDA. Air Jordan 14 Retro While the manufacturer maintains that aspartame is not a danger to your health, the scientific studies don’t necessarily agree. Marcus Cannon The FDA has approved the product for mass consumption, in spite of overwhelming evidence that aspartame can have neurotoxic, metabolic, allergenic, fetal and carcinogenic effects. […]

5 Ways to Reduce Oxidative Stress?

What is oxidative stress? It is the main contributor to aging. billig nike air max Ever recognize when you cut an apple open and it starts to turn brown fairly quickly? Or notice the rustic farm equipment on a drive through the nation’s scenic country side? Those are both examples of oxidative stress at […]

French Fries (warning)

In the 21st century SAD (Standard American Diet) french fries account for more than one-fourth of all potatoes sold in the U.S. ADIDAS PURE BOOST Chaussures Nike kopen nike air max 2017 market, over six million pounds of potatoes are processed into frozen fries annually. adidas zx 700 donna Oregon Ducks Cleveland Cavaliers Twenty-five percent of kids report eating French fries instead of other vegetables, and the average American eats thirty pounds of the greasy things in a year. ULTRA BOOST Uncaged Kanken 20L New Balance 999 męskie The potato has come from being reviled to being revered, and is now the second most popular staple food in the world, which is very troubling. Nike Air Max 1 męskie białe nike air max 2016 wit nike air max 2017 femme noir The trouble comes in several different forms: […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

The dangers of high fructose corn syrup is a nightmare for our health. cheap fjallraven kanken asic gel lyte iii on feet The first note would be that it cannot be digested by the body and therefore the brain never receives a message that you are full. GS Air Jordan 10 Air Max 90 Flyknit fjallraven kanken outlet This damaging issue is one underlining component to the obesity and diabetic problems we are facing in America today. DeSean Jackson Redskins Jerseys Atlanta Hawks Just google it! Here are a few disheartening health facts about HFCS: It increases LDL cholesterol (bad Cholesterol) Alters Magnesium balance (Mg is vital to appr. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames Houston Cougars 400 biochemical reactions), furthermore leading to osteoporosis It causes a drop in Chromium, which is a vital nutrient in blood sugar balance (i.e. nike air zoom pegasus 33 hombre Nike Air Max 90 Pour Pas Cher diabetes) Fructose has zero enzymes or vitamins thus robbing the bodies supplies of micro-nutrients Plays a role in IBS and abdominal pain Worst of all in accelerates age Furthermore, here are disheartening societal stats: Click continue reading lower right corner……. […]

Monosodium Glutamate MSG

MSG, or crack cocaine for the tongue! It has the same effects, so why not consider it a drug? Because it’s big business and with that comes big money. Mens Nike Air Max TN MSG is a seriously dangerous flavor enhancing ingredient used by the food manufacturing industry. […]

What is SLS? (dangerous)

Okay, what is sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate? They are both inexpensive detergents that are commonly used in cosmetic cleansers, hair shampoos, bath and shower gels, bubble baths, etc. asics gel lyte 3 uomo Maglia Dirk Nowitzki Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost and are considered by many experts to be the most dangerous ingredient used in skin and hair-care products. […]

Trans Fat (YIKES!)

Plastic FAT!!! that’s really all you need to know, but I have an article to fill sentences. nike air max pas cher Nike Air Huarache Uomo This dangerous food ingredient is hidden in all sorts of foods, from crackers and baked goods to breakfast cereals. Nike Air Max 90 Donna nike air max 1 og męskie New Balance 420 męskie And thanks to intentionally deceptive FDA-approved labeling laws, food products that contain sizable amounts of trans fatty acids can still declare “trans fats free” right on their labels (this clever trick involves reducing serving sizes until the trans fat level drops to 0.5 grams per serving, at which point the FDA says companies can just “round down” to zero). Asics Corrido damskie Air Jordan 5 Trans fat causes/contributes to heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, acne, arthritis, leaky gut, cancer and many more detrimental health conditions. nike air max 90 oreo damskie But just how damaging are trans fats? For we’ve gathered an important collection of information that helps answer that question. Nike kyrie 2 The true dangers of trans fats […]

Beans & Grains (Lectins)

Beans, goedkoop nike air max 2016 asics kinsei 4 gel Chaussures Air Jordan Homme grains, nike air max pas cher air max 2017 bianco uomo A.J. Green Jerseys soy and peanuts are not on the grocery list for coach Jeff’s 30 Day Challenge. Sac À Dos Kånken Fjällräven TEAM COURT fjällräven kånken mini There is a specific reason why, adidas superstar uomo air max pas cher pour femme Nike Air Max Norge lectins! Lectins are capable of harming the intestinal lining, Lawrence Taylor fjällräven kånken pas cher cheap nike trainers and if someone already has leaky gut syndrome, Nike Flyknit Air Max Femme AIR MAX 2016 nike air presto ultra flyknit which is estimated to be 80% of the American population, Nike Air Huarache Heren 2017 asics pas cher AIR MAX 2016 then these lectins can cause enormous damage in the body. NIKE MATCH SUPREME LUNARGLIDE 8 Oregon Ducks […]

How Soda is Digested in the Body

I’ve pleaded with hundreds of clients to cut back on the soda, Maglie Atlanta Hawks especially my pre-diabetic clients. NIKE FREE RUN Men SHOES New Balance 996 Uomo Soda is possibly the worst substance we can put into our system. Bo Wallace – Ole Miss Rebels What it does is simply stated….scary! Read for yourself how a soda is digested once it enters the system: […]

5 Disturbing Facts about Soda Pop

There are times when I plead with a client to push back from the soda pop, at least cut it down, especially my pre-diabetic clients! I have seen clients lose up to 20 pounds just by cutting out the soda all together. ADIDAS PURE BOOST Nike Store Now, if you have read any of my past articles you know that I drink soda, I like soda (root beer & mountain dew), but I have a plan and the plan works really well. Memphis Grizzlies nike basketball shoes for sale in south africa With this article I am going to share with you 5 very disturbing facts about soda pop in an effort to persuade you to cutting back on the soda, considerably. College Football Jerseys adidas gazelle uomo rosse Here are the 5 disturbing facts we should know: […]

Third Hand Smoke (what?)

(NaturalNews) Most people take the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke seriously, but a study published in the January 2009 edition of Pediatrics shows this is not enough. A newly discovered hazard, labeled “third-hand smoke,” poses considerable risk, even more so because it is not always obvious. […]

10 of the WORST Food Ingredients

Our food supply is nothing what it used to be years ago. The wicked food chemicals are literally causing catastrophic health problems in our country and around the world. The stress that these ingredients put on our body is enormous. Some of these nasty food additives are worse than others, therefore, I am going to outline 10 of the great many of dangerous food ingredients we need to completely avoid at all cost! Here are 10 of many: […]