Leaky Gut? 5 Tips to Overcome it

The father of modern medicine Hippocrates said, “all disease begins in the gut” and he was absolutely correct. basket nike air soldes Hydro Slide Sandals Maglie Philadelphia 76ers Hippocrates was really on to sometime so far back in time as leaky gut syndrome has exploded in the 21st century to become a huge problem! What is Leaky Gut? Your small intestine (gut) is vulnerable to harm from our poor diet, certain drugs, or disease. ray ban pas cher nike air max 95 uomo Fjallraven d’Occasion Canotta Caratteristiche If the villi that slows down food particles are damaged, food isn’t well absorbed and can lead to “leaky gut syndrome.” The symptoms of leaky gut leading to food allergy can be as diverse as fatigue, a chronic rash, headaches, and arthritis. […]

Top Tip to Aid Digestion

SLOW DOWN! We are literally setting speed eating records in the year 2016. NIKE LUNAREPIC FLYKNIT asics gel lyte 5 donna We eat in the car, in front of the TV and most of all we can eat a full meal in literally 4 bites, it tends to be a non-stop motion. USC Trojans This plays havoc on our digestive system. Indiana Pacers asics running By woofing down our food at such a fast pace we skip a vital part of the digestive process known as the pre-digestive phase. Nike Air Max 2017 Dames blauw Soldes Nike Pas Cher When we chew our food correctly our teeth […]

6 of the Top Cleansing Herbs

If you are a client then you have heard my sermon on cleansing and how I go about it. Subtly cleansing the body is a prudent move in our quest for optimal health. I am not a huge fan of the highly invasive cleanses that require you to stay near a restroom in case of emergencies. nike air presto bambini However, using certain herbs to mildly cleanse the system throughout the weeks in a year is a wise move on the chess board of any health and wellness program. […]

How Soda is Digested in the Body

I’ve pleaded with hundreds of clients to cut back on the soda, Maglie Atlanta Hawks especially my pre-diabetic clients. NIKE FREE RUN Men SHOES New Balance 996 Uomo Soda is possibly the worst substance we can put into our system. Bo Wallace – Ole Miss Rebels What it does is simply stated….scary! Read for yourself how a soda is digested once it enters the system: […]

Why Probiotics?

The media buzz around Probiotics in one push I can get behind. In my professional opinion, it is imperative that we ALL restore our gut health (namely colon) through Probiotic supplementation. However, not every Probiotic supplement is worthy of […]

Why Digestive Enzymes?

What are enzymes? They are proteins found everywhere in the body and are responsible for the reactions throughout the body. They are like the spark plugs in your car, they make things happen, or make things come alive. Why do we need to supplement with digestive enzymes? There are two core reasons, first because most (if not all) of the food that we consume in America today is completely devoid of any natural enzymes. Once upon a time when […]

How to Achieve Better Gut Health

One of the first things you should know about gut health is this thing called dysbiosis. Symbiosis translates to ‘living in harmony.’ Dysbiosis is the opposite, it’s when the bad guys take over. It was first identified by Dr. Eli Metchnikoff in the early 20th century, who won a Nobel Prize for his work.  It essentially means there is an imbalance of microbial colonies (bacteria) in the gut. The good guys are imperative (probiotics—good bacteria) to optimal health.  They help us with digestion, absorption, produce vitamins, control the growth of harmful microogranisms, and keep the intestinal cells well fed. […]