Rear Plank

This plank is not easy. You must have strong shoulders and low back to attempt [...]

Belly Ball Heal Curls (advanced)

Fair warning, this move is NOT easy, if you are a beginner I would pass [...]

One-Legged BB Crunch (advanced core work)

If want a good giggle try these. Balance is at its optimal peak when doing [...]

One-Arm DB Thrust

Great Great move for anyone at any level. This works the full body so it [...]

Side Planks (advanced core work)

Terrific for side obliques and core strengthening and toning!!

Opposites (core work)

More core work, these are for beginners or advanced fitness levels. Just make sure your [...]

V-ups off Bench (core work)

This is a great exercise for the core. Balance is required as you hang off [...]

Belly Ball Push-up

Another tough move on the belly ball, however, something to build up to. Make sure [...]

BB Windshield Wipers (core work)

This is an advanced move requiring low back strength. DO NOT attempt if low back [...]

Front Plank (core work)

Front plank is a classic, and if they are easy for you then try the [...]

Floor Bridge

This is nice exercise for low back rehab and strengthening

BB Inner Thigh Toning

Here is a great exercise for the inner thigh that I get asked about weekly [...]