Post 30-Day Challenge Maintenance Plan

What is Post 30-Day Challenge Maintenance Plan?

If you completed the 30 Day Challenge then it takes over after the 30 days, think of it as a maintenance plan. If you passed on the 30 Day Challenge then it is the program we create for you and then hold you accountable for the goals that we set for you.

Without going into great detail, it continues the habits that we developed in the 30 Day Challenge and modifies with the 80/20 principle. Essentially, we plan and prepare better for cheat meals. The maintenance plan is very practical and useful as hundreds of my clients have adopted this realistic coaching and found it to be sustainable and personally rewarding.

The steps for wellness lifestyle maintenance coaching are:

  • Complete initial questionnaire (done on website)
  • Schedule initial 30 minute coaching phone session (included in all packages) to review coaching worksheet
    • Set start date!
    • Set Goals–Immediate, Short-term & Long-term
    • Overview 10 principles that we seek to develop as long-term habits
    • Review grocery list and create first 6 days of nutritional plan (category 1)
    • Highlight importance of heart rate raising activities (category 2)
    • Discuss importance of psychological health (category 3)
  • Commence Plan on start date
  • Friday Accountability email goes out

What you get:

  • Weekly/Daily wellness articles, videos and inspirational moments
  • Unlimited wellness lifestyle coaching
  • Weekly Coaching Assignments
  • Weekly Goals Setting & Adjustments
  • Personalized Telephonic Coaching Sessions (smartphone package)
  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions (Tulsa area only)

Our 3 categories:

  • Category 1: Nutritionally we adhere to more of an anti-diet belief and begin creating a lifestyle that simply promotes consuming more high quality real foods, grocery list is provided in manual.
  • Category 2: Activity speaking we are going to schedule 4 days a week to completing some form of heart rate raising activity of your choice.
  • Category 3: Psychological Health (PH)  finds us utilizing mediation to concentrate on the results we are searching for and the new healthier person we desire, daily autosuggestion and prayer.

The PDF Guide will answer 20+ FAQ’s, provide a grocery list, examples of a typical day, heart rate zone to calculate, examples of some autosuggestion AND 30 days of nutritional planning schedule.