Are you long over due for a complete make over with regards to your personal health and wellness?

Coach Jeff’s 6 week program is designed to teach you a lifestyle that will enable you to lower A1C, have more energy, lower high BP and lose weight by creating and sustaining some new healthier habits.

For 6 weeks you will be held accountable by Coach Jeff and responsible for specific assignments from a personal worksheet to be completed every week. You will be held accountable for the following:

  • Nutritional Plan – learn to dine with a different mindset
  • Stress Triggers – logging what stress triggers could be potentially holding you back
  • Activities – both mental and physical….aerobic and anaerobic
  • Stretching – a routine to be established
  • Relaxation skills – variety of techniques

If you are serious and want to be highly aggressive about getting your health back on track then Coach Jeff’s 6 week program can help.

Contact Coach Jeff @ 918.857.8700 for pricing and more detailed questions.