Who wouldn’t want little or a lot more energy? Living in our fast paced culture with our hand held computers has made life a bit more hectic and never before have people been so worn out.

Here are 5 tips for anyone who would like to add a little more energy to their daily grind:

  1. I highly recommend a full body cleanse! The amount of impurities that our systems are bombarded with on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Removing these toxins that bog you down may increase your energy levels dramatically?

  2. Supplement with Probiotics. These healthy flora help the body manufacture B vitamins which in turn process our food into workable energy.

  3. Take a power nap. This sounds crazy to some people but if you can slide in a quick 10-15 minute power nap could make all the difference. Winston Churchill did throughout WWII and the Japanese actually promote it during the day.

  4. Use MCT oil in your coffee, tea, salads and any chance you get. I did a video on this topic few weeks back on YouTube. MCT oil is fantastic. It is essentially concentrated coconut oil.

  5. Drink more water, apple cider vinegar or green tea….all of which have been proven to help with energy reservoirs in the body.

  6. Bonus tip….get some natural sunlight, 10 or 15 minutes is recommended.


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