The worst thing about the rise of acid reflux, or heartburn, is that it is leading to the fastest growing cancer in the 21st century America. YEP, esophageal cancer happens to be the fastest growing cancer in the United States. Acid reflux brings a noticeable discomfort to many of my clients and usually when I coach someone who has acid reflux they are also struggling with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Is there are relation? not 100% sure, but I see the combo A LOT! With so many Americans struggling with the nasty affects from acid reflux lets dive into 5 fundamental techniques that help eliminate or lessen the discomfort from acid reflux.

Here are 5 things to adopt into your lifestyle management program if you are plagued by acid reflux:

  1. Take Probiotics! This is a must and I’ve written about it before in an article called Why Probiotics?
  2. Supplement with Apple Cider Vinegar. Results could vary but I’ve seen it work many times with my clients
  3. Sleep on left side vs. right. The lower esophagus curves slightly to the left as it connects with the stomach. During sleep, the effects of gravity straighten out this curve, raising the potential for stomach acids to spill into the esophagus.
  4. SLOW DOWN when eating food. Try to adopt the 20-30 chew rule when consuming foods. This will significantly challenge anyone as we scarf our food down at record rates these days.
  5. I suggest a supplement called PGX. It is a super fiber that slows down the absorption of sugars and fats. I take this product twice daily and sometimes three times a day on my cheat days.

I highly suggest any of the 5 proven techniques above if you or a loved one are suffering from acid reflux. AND, we definitely want to get it under control and eliminated if possible due to the rising esophageal cancer rates.


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