I could probably write the top 20 reasons we don’t exercise, for goodness sake 80% of all Americans get little or no exercise in a given day. This worries me as the diabetic epidemic is climbing to alarming levels and if we don’t wake up and do something we are in for complete disaster in about 15 years. Okay, I feel better getting that off my chest, and here are 5 main reasons why we don’t exercise and my come back for debunking them 🙂

Here 5 reasons why we excuse ourselves from exercising:

  1. I don’t have time is my favorite and one I hear every single day of my practice. This is why you must PLAN for it or it will likely never happen. Putting 1st Things 1st (Habit 3 of Covey’s 7 Habits) outlines for us how when we plan the important things in life vs. reacting to the urgent we allow ourselves to get more done and the things we should be doing, like exercising.
  2. I try to exercise but I can’t stay committed is one that floats around frequently. Might I recommend a helping relationship like an accountability coach, an exercise partner or a reinforcement management piece like rewarding yourself for continuing. Set a 3 month goal and when you are still exercising then go buy yourself a treat?
  3. I am not seeing any changes in my body is a tough one. I recommend my clients don’t get on the scale everyday or measure every week. It takes time, we didn’t get this way overnight and we are not going to get in shape over night as well. You probably haven’t seen the raise you are due at work either, BUT you don’t quit work?
  4. I can’t afford a gym membership is a poor excuse in my opinion. I recommend you skip the gym and do yoga at home, or find a walking partner, or buy a step for you house. This one doesn’t hold much merit, especially with the bargain prices at franchise gyms now?
  5. Exercise hurts is one I hear seldom but I do hear it. Coping with massive amounts of stress hurts the body in more ways than you can imagine. If we avoided everything in life that hurts we probably wouldn’t move from the couch each day. Our ancestors had to move to eat and live. We are addicted to hand help computers and television, which is hurting us more than not exercising!

SO, with the common 5 reasons (excuses) I hope that I debunked them all in my efforts to persuade more and more people to get more physical activity during the week.


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