Every year over 2,500 toxins are introduced into our society. These toxins add up over the years, so it is wise to consume foods that help us to rid the body of these potential hazards.

Here are 5 foods that help us naturally detoxify the legions of toxins that add up over time:

  1. Broccoli –helps the liver produce adequate amounts of enzymes for detoxification.

  2. Green Tea — contains antioxidants that improve liver functions, which is essential for detoxification.

  3. Garlic — helps remove toxins from the liver and kidneys it’s natural substance alliin is broken down into allicin, which has healing properties that fight free radicals.

  4. Avocados — contain an antioxidant called glutathione, which are known to assist the body in its desire to be fully cleansed from all toxins. When you increase glutathione in the body, you may be less likely to suffer from arthritis.

  5. Flax seeds — bind themselves to toxins and flush them away through the intestines.

Notice all 5 of these food sources are part of our nutritional plan for optimal health. These are 5 power foods that serve us more than just the detoxification route.