This is a question I get constantly throughout my coaching practice. And with good reason because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of protein supplement products on the market. I’ve said this before, if you are going to buy supplements you must do your homework and spend your hard earned money on quality products, right? There are so many junk products on the shelves it because a maze of confusion for the common American. So, in this article my goal is to give you some solid information when purchasing a quality protein supplement.

Here are some take away tips when grocery shopping for protein supplementation:

  1. Always choose plant based protein shake mixes. Plant based protein is more readily digestible in the body and moreover it digests slower, which is a good thing. Look for protein supplementation that has Yellow Pea and Brown Rice as main ingredients.
  2. Avoid Soy Protein Isolate! This happens to be the “junk” protein of the supplement world. It’s commonly referred to as “frankensoy” or fake soy, which can cause a number of not so nice problems in the body with chronic use.
  3. Try to get a product that promtes somewhere between 15-25 grams of protein per serving. Your digestive system will applaud you for this. It’s all about digestion!!
  4. Make sure you read the back label of ingredients. If you are my client then you’ve been through the assignments of learning how to read labels. Look to see if you can find any of the hidden dangers in the ingredients list.

Remember, it’s not only about “how much” protein you ingest but about the quality of the protein you ingest. If we are consuming 30 grams of protein but it is fake or laced with dangerous ingredients then we are defeating the purpose.


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