Coach Jeff’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Having been a certified personal trainer for 20+ years and witnessing my clients amazing results from the 30 Day Challenge I decided to put together a 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

This challenge can be done in unison with the original 30 Day Challenge if desired.

The 30 Day Fitness challenge is a full-body–at-home program that will aid in toning all the major and minor muscles of our abdominal core, legs, arms, shoulders, back and chest. The daily sessions are meant to imitate a ‘circuit’ or ‘superset’ routine, moving from one exercise to the next with minimal breaks in between. Most of the sessions incorporate all the muscles together throughout the session.

There are a foundation of exercises that are consistent throughout the challenge. You will pick a starting level and progress up from there. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge is modifiable with coach Jeff if applicable to your current fitness status.

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