Coach Jeff’s 30 Day Challenge is his signature program that has changed the lives of many of his clients. Whether it be from a company or main street this program has been proven to work for anyone who is dedicated to making significant improvements in their life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Personalized coaching and a continuing maintenance plan when  30 Day Challenge is complete.

When you choose to flip the reset switch for your health and wellness with my 30 day Challenge you become a ‘priority’ client for those 30 days. I will provide coaching for you every single day if that’s what it takes for you to accomplish the goals in our 30 Day Challenge. Secondly, there is no up-selling of any supplements or products at all. When you purchase the PDF manual and my coaching time your done, no extra spending is required. Becoming a CLUB member of coach Jeff’s wellness coaching is a one time fee.

I’ve been studying wellness for 20+ years and I think the linkage of the 3 categories and a specific grocery list combined with my coaching, both online and smartphone, gives us a much better chance at success.

I will BE available from 8-8pm by email, text or phone call during the 30 days. I will be accessible for any person who accepts the 30 Day Challenge from day 1 to day 31! (no guarantees on weekends or holidays). You might get a response from me late that night, BUT you will receive coaching that day.

Do you live in an industrialized society? YES / NO

Or, more specifically do you have any of the following conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes or high blood sugar
  • High blood pressure & high cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis
  • Kidney problems
  • Gallstones or gallbladder problems
  • Hormonal imbalance or problems
  • Obesity or over-weight
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Food allergies or Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Joint pain & muscle aches and pains
  • Headaches (Migraine)
  • Over the age of 35
  • Or, just wants to heal your body and recharge the system
Obviously results vary from person to person. I have seen incredible transformations as clients have reverse diabetes (dropping blood glucose numbers fast), lose 20 pounds (see many many times), relieve arthritis to the point of not taking any drugs anymore, absolve headaches, clear up skin conditions, have more energy (sometimes a lot & a common result of the 30 Day Challenge) and many other results.

Example: eating lots of veggies and fruits helps control blood pressure. The 30 Day Challenge is low in sodium, so it might help lower your chance of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, leg swelling and kidney disease. Losing weight and keeping it off can help prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. And the list could go on.

Here is a short list of things that might likely happen:

  • Lower inflammation
  • Improve digestion
  • Provide more dietary fiber
  • Improve heart health
  • Reversing diabetes
  • Helping with optimal liver function
  • Preventing cancer
  • Preventing or treating constipation
  • Giving you more energy
  • Clearing up your skin
  • Preventing nutrient deficiencies
  • Lowering the amount of anti-nutrients and carcinogens in your diet
  • Weight loss!!!

Yes, I cannot remember an individual who didn’t lose some weight on the 30 Day Challenge. The record lost for a female is 19 pounds, and for a male is 23 pounds….in 30 Days!!!

It is NOT promoted as a weight loss program, however, the outcome from doing the right thing long enough is some weight loss. The average is around 10 pounds per person.

With Coach Jeff we will pick a date that works with your schedule. Once committed we will have 20 days to set and date and complete prep work involved, then the 30 Day Challenge begins. Some dates are sentimental like; birthdays, children’s birthdays, anniversaries, beginning of new year or beginning of new month is a favorite. Regardless of the date you pick, there will be some prep work involved before we launch on our set date.

Prep time includes:

  • Setting a start date
  • Mapping out the first 7 days of nutritional schedule
  • Choosing heart rate raising activities to complete 16 sessions in 30 days
  • Crafting a powerful statement of autosuggestion for daily affirmation (getting the mind ready for a challenge)
  • Preparing the kitchen, like cleaning out the junk! (if applicable)
  • Sharing with immediate people in your life about the challenge….family, co-workers, boss, etc. (fair warning)
There are 3 categories with each encompassing habits within them:

  • Category 1: Nutritionally we adhere to more of an anti-diet belief and begin creating a lifestyle that simply promotes consuming more high quality real foods, grocery list is provided in manual.
  • Category 2: Physical activity we are going to schedule 4 days a week to completing some form of heart rate raising activity of your choice.
  • Category 3: Psychologically we are going to use mediation to concentrate on the results we are searching for and the new healthier person we desire. Additionally, the power of autosuggestion practiced daily as well. And prayer is highly recommended.

The PDF Guide will answer 20+ FAQ’s, provide a grocery list, examples of a typical day, heart rate zone to calculate, examples of some autosuggestion AND 30 days of nutritional planning schedule.

Coach Jeff will work with you in developing a maintenance plan. It is a minor carry over from the 30 Day Challenge except we modify it according to your goals and reality. There are several packages available but understand that coaching does continue post 30 Day Challenge completion. The key moving forward after your restore of The 30 Day Challenge is the accountability that comes with the maintenance plan we continue to march forward with.

After 20+ years of coaching I place high value on simplicity. It is the #1 principle in my practice. The 30 Day Challenge and post-maintenance accountability planning are founded on keeping it simple and built with proven and attainable action items.

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