Think about this for a minute, we have roughly 40 million diabetics in America, furthermore, there are somewhere around 40% of pre-diabetic Americans. Just suppose these roughly 100 million pre-diabetics become full blown diabetic in the next 5-10 years??? That would mean we have somewhere around 140 million American diabetics by 2025….just think about that and how will the American Medical Association be able to handle that load? perplexing!!!

Here are 5 quick thoughts as to what glucose can and surely does contribute to:

  1. Cancer cells feed on glucose, so if you want to feed the cancer cells in your body…..consume glucose

  2. Excessive glucose can cause chronic fatigue and drowsiness, especially after lunch!

  3. We can expect a compromised immune system for sure.

  4. Glucose is a direct cause of poor gut health, which can promote a vast array of issues.

  5. Glucose spikes insulin, which is the fat storing hormone, so expect weight gain!

Tip: limit carbs to around 50-60 grams per day, moderate levels of protein and high healthy fats like 100 grams per day. Then you will feel like a rock star!!