Have you struggled to get healthy on your own?

Would you like a personal coach but don’t think you can afford it?

Just suppose you could eradicate acid reflux, arthritis, high BP, headaches…how about sleep better, lose some weight, have more energy and much more. I wouldn’t guarantee results if I hadn’t seen it happen with so many people!

Don’t just take my word for it, read below to see what some of the many clients who have completed the 30 Day Challenge say about their extraordinary results.

30-Day Challenge Testimonials

Are you are curious whether you are a candidate for the 30 Day Challenge? Click below for a quick 10 question quiz that might help you decide.

10 Quick Questions

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Coach Jeff’s 30 Day Challenge is has proven to work for many people and can work for you. If you need a program with guaranteed results with a highly credentialed coach guiding you then the 30 Day Challenge is for you. Regardless of your wellness goals you will most likely get results that you may not expect!!



Maintenance coaching is for anyone desiring a proven plan that helps to promote optimal health. I strongly recommend you begin with the 30 Day Challenge however not everyone does the challenge before joining the maintenance coaching plan. You will receive same level of coaching as those who completed the 30 Day Challenge.


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